The Process

The History

Old Mountain Woodworks was founded by Kip Anderson in 1983. Kip's work has been featured in publications, galleries and both private and public fine art collections throughout the region. All pieces are done on a custom basis beginning with the initial communication from the client. Once the clients wishes are communicated, the process can begin.


The Craft


The Finish


In the hands of an artist the finish can bring out the natural beauty of the wood while also hardening and protecting it's surface. All finishes are applied by hand-rubbing over a period of several days to develop the finish that becomes an integral part of the wood. The result is a finish that is both durable and satin smooth.


The process of custom woodwork involves interacting with the client to determine the aesthetic design choices and functionality.


Each plank of wood is carefully selected from the finest grade woods available. This allows the artist to orient the color, figure and grain of the wood as it relates to the overall design. Wood choices include cherry, maple, walnut, oak and mahogany among others.



Each piece is thoughtfully designed and constructed using time-tested joinery techniques. Dovetail, mortise-and-tenon, and other interlocking joints are crafted with precision and use the inherent strength of the wood to provide a long life. Each design allows for the expansion and contraction of the wood due to changes in climate.


All inlays are designed and constructed in the Old Mountain Woodworks workshop to complement each piece and the primary wood.